Sunday, December 16, 2012

Photos by Neal McLain

Rich Tillman, Tom Taroni, Ed Suazo

The cooker

Ed Barrios, Mike Mullins, Tom Taroni ... all looking toward the lake.

Elaine Crews, Peggy Romfh, Pete Romfh, John Marshall, Jay Simonsen

Pete Romfh, Peggy Romfh, Julia Geisler, John Marshall

A paddling of ducks (with a misplaced egret)

180-degree pan

Ellis Burkhardt, Carole Wenny

Ellis Burkhardt, Carole Wenny, Elaine Crews

Joan Simonsen, Ed Barrios

Ellis Burkhardt, Leo Novak, Denis James

Ed Suazo, John Mashall, Ellis Burkhardt

The Ham

The Ham, a minute later

Marty Cornell, Ed Suazo, John Marshall

The Class Clown

Tom Taroni, Warren Pruess, Rich Tillman

Jim Renfro, Carole Wenny

Becky McClendon, Denis James

Torry Tvedt, Leo Novak, Phil Huxford

Tom Morris, Connie Stolte

Denis Mudderman, Mike Mullins

Lois Morgan, Elaine Crews, Donna Jablecki, Becky McClendon

Joan Simonsen, Sandy Henderson

Lois Morgan, Mary Holler

Donna Jablecki, Becky McClendon, Jane Eppner

Warren Pruess, Barbara Burkhardt

Phil Huxford, Leo Novak

Larry Jablecki, Pete Romfh, Dave Brandes

Tom Morris, Denis James

Mary Holler, Donna Schaffhaussen, Dick Schaffhaussen

Elaine Crews, Connie Stolte, Carole Wenny

Lois Morgan, custodian of the paper plates

Pam Peltier, Lew Novak, Dave Brandes

Bob Woods, who complained  that nobody ever takes his picture.

Larry Jablecki, Donna Jablecki

Clockwise from left: Peggy Romfh, Pete Romfh, Jay Simonsen, Julia Geisler
 Joan Simonsen, Jim Hillis, Mary Holler, Mike Mullins

Leo Novak, Ellis Burkhardt

Carole Wenny, Ann McLain, Sandy Henderson, Elaine Crews

Neal McLain, Ann McLain

Jane Eppner, John Marshall, Rosalee Marshall

The Gang